In our effort to teach individuals to read, Genius clinic have provided links to authors, books, programs, etc., as a starting point, to guide your literacy needs. These links are for your consideration to improve and support literacy awareness and improve the growth of literacy worldwide. Our list is just beginning and by no means complete. We will continue to sort out user-friendly sites that are current and resourceful for individuals, professionals and families. Our goal is to provide you with the most current information and best practice intervention materials available, to help guide your literary journey. If you would like to use any materials on the sites provided, be sure to check and follow each website’s Terms of Use for their guidelines.


MONDO Educational Publishing

Understood: Understanding your child’s challenges.


San Diego parent University is the Parent Outreach and Engagement Department for San Diego Unified School District. Programs include:

Raising A Reader: Early literacy Program to engage kids in reading.

Project Ujima: Help parents get involve with their children’s education through
Community involvement.

Title V11 Indian Education Program: Serve students of Native heritage from pre-K
Through high school

KVIE.ORG is a Community Engagement Site for Families This site addresses the High school Dropout Crisis and provides a safe kids zone for children to learn and play.

We All Can Read On Line Phonics Program.
This program is listed for children and adults who struggle with learning to read.

National Right To Read Foundation is also dedicated to helping America become the most literate nation on earth.

Reading Rockets:
Find resources to assist Parents and Educators with information on research-based reading strategies for children. This site is also rich with professional development videos and materials.

FACE is a Family And Community Engagement site
FACE Links research-based programs and strategies are to assist educators, parents, and communities. Resources are to support children’s literacy skills beyond the classroom.!/mentoring-partnerships

This site addresses the High school Dropout Crisis and provides a safe kids zone for children to learn and play.

Scholastic Parent and Child Magazines: View activities for parents and children.

Scholastic’s Kids can create a world of possible through reading. World of Possible is Scholastic’s mission to help children learn to read and love to read. Watch Usher’s podcast (Bigger Than Words) about reading.

National Foundation for Autism Research

A place where parents,, caregivers, teachers, and students can find resources such as – IEP tips, Autism family resources including videos for students with Autism and other disabilities.

This organization is also dedicated to uplifting the levels of literacy worldwide. They are advocates for students and teachers and enriching the outcomes of every society through literacy.


Benchmark Education:
Provides “Innovative Resources for Diverse Learners” Includes intervention materials for Response To Intervention (RTI) and literacy supports for English as a Second Language (ESL) and Bilingual learners.

!Colorin Colorado!
This is a bilingual site for families and educators of English language learners. This website is embedded with materials that can help children read and succeed!

Practice English
Great resource to consider for practicing, or enriching English as a second language.

Laotian American Society

Laotian Community Resources and Academic Support is for Students, parents, teachers and the community.

SCAIR Southern California American Indian Resource Center
Help individuals in the community overcome barriers and assist with reaching personal and professional goals.



Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)

ASCD is a global community that Provide services to support educators, and future educators, promote the success of each child through professional development and curriculum development.



Parents and educators, help your child or student take the struggle out of reading and spelling. Learn All About Reading and Spelling strategies designed by author and curriculum developer, Marie Rippel.

Reading and other Learning Disabilities

Best Practices in Reading Intervention

Best Practices in Reading for English Language Learners